As I lay in the sun

With it’s rays on my back

It penetrates my soul,



My enlightenment




My spirit and my words

Combine to flow.


The grass around me

So vibrant

It smells sweet

Tickling my toes

Beneath the sheet


That I lay upon


That I write upon


Laying here

Exposing myself,

To the heat

Of life

On a sheet


It’s not always easy to write from the heart and soul but I encourage you all to give it a try in whatever way is freeing for you.

My blog hit 2000 followers yesterday (1300 from the Word Press Community).  It’s been just over a month.  I can’t find the words to express my gratitude.  I thought this might.

I received one of my most precious gifts yesterday.  My first ‘flower’ of the year from my daughter Eden.

I want to share it with you in thanks.



  1. Mokasiya

    Jennifer, I appreciate you checking out my blog. may we all “expose” gently, the true nature of our soul.
    blessings on your journey in the writer’s life.

  2. Ray

    I find it a wonderful treat to be able to take in the warmth of a summer day, or a sunny day anyday and feel the heat on your face. Makes one feel alive. Love the poem Jennifer. And the flower from your daughter must have made your day! 🙂 It IS the little things in life.

  3. kdavisfanclub

    Lovely, great poem and sweet comment. My son, Oscar (two years old) picked his first flower for his mummy; my beautiful wife this week and it was precious. I appreciate how you feel and love that your poetry is honest, I shall have to upload something positive and cheery for a change!

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