The Vault of the Exalted

This is a poetry introduction to my book.  Yes, I am writing a book, the title is The Exalted.  Here is a little sneak peek introduction.


The Vault of the Exalted 

There is a space

That I want to find

Where everything screeches to a halt

A secret vault

That only curiosity can discover

Where space hovers

A place that stands still

Where time unifies

A space defined by nil

Where molecules settle

But gravity ceases

A place not defined by space

For there is no definition

For it’s levity cannot be traced

Where everything ceases to be



Lost but still found

Infinity surrounds

No being ever before

Used senses to explore

The combination

Of the things we know

And the impossible possibilities

Where no human will exalt

This is where you will find

The key to the secret vault



  1. Ray

    You’re an inspiration to many Jennifer with your energy, enthusiasm and skill as a writer. Congrats on the book. Love the intro sneak peek here.

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  3. mdk1983

    Great poem, Jennifer! You definitely have the writing skills to publish a book. Good luck in your quest for a novel! Also thanks for liking my post about enjoying lunch.

  4. Ellespeth

    You are so brave to attempt a novel from your poem! I can barely open mine up into a piece of prose 😛 I like the way you came back around to the vault at the end. Tomorrow, when I’m more refreshed, I plan to read the first few pages of your book – from you blog today. I’ll bookmark that now and get back to you with a comment.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      HI Ellespeth.

      I actually wrote the poem about the book. The concept was conceived and I wanted people to have an idea of what to expect from the book so I summarized it in a poem, this poem. 🙂
      The poem was challenging to get it just right, to divulge just the right amount of information, not to reveal too much about the book and keep it interesting. I look forward to your thoughts on the opening two pages tomorrow.
      Thanks for taking the time!

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