The Buoy


Like a Buoy

Tossing to and fro

Thrashing crashing

In the mashing of waves

Of sound

And of time

Slipping leaving

Behind a life bound

Like buoy

Like a bobbing toy

In the crashing and thrashing

The mashing of waves

Gasping for air

Flailing but bound

No chance to prepare

For the crashing and thrashing

And the mashing of waves

Water covering every pore

Thrashing and crashing

Exhausted you hit the shore

An island of beauty

A place to rest

A new land to explore

But you turn and return

To the water once more

To the thrashing and crashing

Of the mashing of waves


  1. Nathan Hartley

    Oooh! excellent. I love the repetition you chose. I felt pulled by your line “Behind a life bound, like bouy” Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I can enjoy yours too ^_^

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