The Mask


The Mask

Mystery and allure

The self-confidence of the self-assured

The enticing appeal of femininity

The daunting desire of a hidden face

The ability to be seen but not replaced

The mask is calling



But take heed

Be warned of your foul deeds

While the mask can hide you from being seen

You will still see yourself

When you place the mask back upon the shelf

Left to look upon your own face

Your good intentions misplaced

The beauty that was once there

Was left behind the mask you once wore

The vows that you took, that you swore

Left you to face the mirrored reflection

With the only possible deflection

Returning to the mask that you once wore

Tumbling to the floor

Fidelity no more


  1. Carrie Lange

    I like my “real” self better than the one I have to pretend to be sometimes! =D I’m much happier when I can drop all the masks, relax, and just be me!

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