Welcome, the poem, soon to be ‘spoken word’

I created this poem to perform as spoken word for my first Pay Day collaboration turning my Gravy Baby poem to song Introducing Ray the Musical Poet.  It was to be my intro but I’m not nearly ready to attempt spoken word yet, it’s quite the challenge.  If you don’t know much about spoken word I encourage you take a look.

I want to share the poem with you.  I’m excited to get it ready to perform.  This poem puts into word my passion for collaboration of the arts, to create something new.




This Blog has been viewed by 94 countries worldwide, that blows my mind!  I want to say a warm welcome to people from all countries and all nations!

Happy Monday and Welcome!


Artists unite,


In unity

Of our earth,

Of our people

From our passions that burn with in

The belly of the earth

From countries

And nations

Creativity will flow



I will take you places you never knew you could go

Forth into the world






To stand in unity


The arts


To Collaborate,

To commemorate,

To deliberate


To Liberate

Your mind


From it’s shakles that bind you,

Blind you from seeing

The truth

In the words and the images you see

Created through you

Through me



This chemistry of me

And you

And art

Come enter my land

My whimsical mind

A love of art is what I desire to combine

Your sand and mine.




It’s absurd,

Unheard of even,

No literary talent

Just a strong taste on my palette

To toss away the mallet


Of poetic injustice.

To break free of the chains that bind us,

Confine us.


Rock the boat


And ohhhh the gravyyy

Baby, it’s afloat.




Please see Copyright.





      • One-in-Mind

        Hey no worries, at the end of the day we all need to support each other. X
        I have seen quite a bit of spoken word actually, and I’d say that is the arena I most fall into… With my poetry.
        Although gaining the confidence to speak my words out loud often presents the most challenge.
        Youth Speaks Hawaii is one of my favorite. And also Suli Breaks who has been circulating the interweb of late speaking about education.


  1. Brian Hughes

    “I will take you places you never knew you could go…”

    The ladies’ loos? I’ve always wondered what it’s like in there. Do they have the same sort of graffiti?

  2. The Running Son

    Spoken Word TERRIFIES me. Know why? I have to speak.
    You are a brave girl, and when you do, I’ll be here cheering you on. And saying, “Hmmm someday maybe just maybe I’ll get behind a microphone”. And just maybe not.
    You go.


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  4. hadasn

    This is lovely! I write spoken word poetry too! Albeit, mine is longer and more text like, but still! You ever heard of Catalina Ferro? She’s amazing.

  5. kaycers

    I recently wrote my first spoken word poem…as of now it is still in progress as I have no place to perform it in mind. This awesome post has inspired me to find an opportunity to perform! Thank you! Keep at it, you’ve got it!

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