Stuff It Tuesday! Storetry #3 the blogger Collaboration Challenge! Come join us poets, writers and artisits!


Welcome to the third week of Stuff it Tuesday a blogging collaboration challenge for poets, writers, artists and photographers.

I offer the opening paragraph and the closing poem.  I ask contributors to fill in the middle, I then link the story together as best as I can. I include all submissions.

I put the link to each persons submission below their piece so that you can check out their blog.  Please show support and give the blogs a look to see if it’s something that interests you.

You can find next weeks Stuff It opening and closing paragraphs on my home page under the Stuff it Tuesdays Tab.  It will be updated tomorrow.

This weeks ‘storetry’ is beautiful.  I think it’s my favorite yet.  Thank you for participating and I encourage you to continue and for those of you that hesitate, don’t!  Participate!

Please feel free to re blog so that we can get more people involved.


By the light of the moon she sat, waiting.  It felt like she had been waiting there all evening.  She twisted and turned the long strands of grass between her fingers as she waited.  This was her favorite place to be.  This was her escape, a place where she felt safe.


Her bare feet sunk deep into the earth.

The pale moonlight awaiting her rebirth.

Clouds in her mind formed a protective veil.

Who would hear her wail?

The rugged landscape of her soul.

If only this field could make her, inside, feel whole.

She came here to meet with her past and her now. She looked at either side of her sensing their presence, their energy. Looking ahead, she searched for the other knowing this to be the place in which she will show. Where is the she of what is to come?, she thought.  And so she waited in the silence which told her of her patience.

Between the trees and leaves of fleeting memory

She recalls,

Ancient whispers of time long past

Sent frolicking across her mind as the sky stars burst

Into fruition her intuition humming as she embraces the moon’s delight

Her heart expanding on this baited night


Safe enough to stretch out on the slightly damp grass, the coolness soothing on her skin after the wretched heat of the day. She must close her eyes just for a moment to rest. Only a moment she thought, yet almost instantly she was asleep, dreaming of being carried off up into the moonlit sky on a winged white stallion. Is this what she had been unconsciously waiting for, dreaming of, hoping for? The ride went on forever it seemed, a most pleasurable escape.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, her breath slowing and peace filled her being.

As she drifted into her meditation, she felt him beside her as always. rainbow hues filled their astral sky, peace and love filled her heart.

There is no space and time here..just she and he together..2 hearts, unconditional love.

Soul mates together in otherworlds.. how she loved him,,how he captivated her.

One day they will be together, until then they meet here in a place no one will ever know.

Safe enough to let her fingers swirl from the grass into her hair thats curled,

Remembering fantasies resonating since she was a girl,

of the a prince on a horse bringing diamonds and pearls.

The song of imagination sang,

Dreaming, feeling a story from start to end while gazing into the moonlight she sat in.

The prince had come again.


Her heart skipped a beat as he approached her, the blades of grass fell to the ground as her fingernails grazed his scalp and grasped a handful of his hair. Intoxicated, she pulled his face to hers as they lowered themselves to the ground, hidden by the tall grass. Their time together would be brief, but fulfilling. The silence of the night was broken by short gasps and amorous giggles that told a thousand secrets. From miles away, heat rose from their hiding place, and faded into the sky as quickly as it came.

Afternoons spent thinking, waiting, dreaming of the image she held in her mind. Eyes of a gladiator, heart of a stag; hands much like platters to spread at command. One day he’d come from the eye of a storm, on the back of a stallion in frightening form. Down from the skies, he’d take her aloft, to a world in the heavens where she’d become lost.

           Hours, months years all a blur

Her head was heavy as she started to stir

Where had she gone?  Where did she go?

A mystery, of mysteries that she may never know


Thank you for reading.



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  2. One-in-Mind

    Thanks for including me! It has turned out to be such a beautiful piece! What stunning imagery and poetic bliss. Stay well, look forward to the next one.

  3. iamyourme

    😦 sorry for not submitting my blog address –
    this came out beautifully!!! bravo to everyone!

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