Rainbow filtered Light



Rainbow filtered light


As unicorns fly by



Glittering glints

Of moisture droplets

Shine upon the glimmering

Shimmer of the silvery mane



Over the rainbow filtered light

To the fancy of children’s delight

Swirling swirls of sparkle dust

Singing songs to the sound

Of music in the air

In the glazed over gaze

Of a little girls stare

For Eden.   I often wonder what my sweet little girl is day dreaming about while she stares off into her imagination.  I envision it to be something like this.


  1. James Earl Wells

    You hit me in my heart with this one. My Daughter is married now and has three wonderful boys. But I remember before she started to really talk good,. I would see her just looking out a window and thinking this same thing. Thank You.

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