Limitless Time


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I sometimes find myself reading other peoples poetry and not quite understanding what’s being said. Not quite getting the underlying message.  I walk away puzzled, unsure if I properly understood what the author was trying to get across.  Regardless, I always walk away thinking, pondering and thankful for the expression of thought and emotion.

I really enjoyed writing this poem, so I’m going to share it with you.  I have been playing with the ideas of time, transition, elevation, thought, dimension and progression.

Dreamless Time

Do you ever dream of a dreamless time

A space in between death and grace

And infinite time trimmed with lace

And graceful trimmings

With silver linings

Limitless timing

Space less grace

Eternity misplaced

Centuries of disgrace

Infinite space

No boundaries.

Limitless grace

To become

Under the sun



Not plural

Canvassed mural

With silver linings


Your dreams of a dreamless time

Where your spirit can shine

In a limitless time

Keep Writing,




  1. Marya

    Maya Angelou says that she enjoys hearing other people’s interpretations of her poetry. They are rarely the same as what she had intended, but they help her understand he poetry more deeply. I don’t always know exactly what a poem says; it is sometimes more of a conglomeration of evocative images than coherent thought. I like how you played with letter combinations and syllabic repetition in this poem. Really nice!

  2. Yoshiko

    Sometimes, I also don’t understand the underlying meaning. But I have the tendency to clarify by asking if I’m not sure 🙂 Your poetry is also beautiful 🙂

  3. Freda

    We may write with one thought but if others read it and get different interpretations or understanding that may uplift them then you’ve done a great job. Luv the poetry!

  4. superduperstacia

    From what I believe, I think it’s best that the reader interpret it however they feel is relevant to them.
    What I pick from your poem, can be interpreted in so many ways to suit the reader’s personal needs.

    That’s the beauty of poems, they are emotional images created to impact a similar emotion within the reader. Who cares if as the reader I interpret it incorrectly from what the writer intended? It left an impression and some motivation with thought.

    Thank you for inspiring me today. I’ve been neglecting my short stories and this was the positive push I needed. Please keep writing!


  5. jennymiller62

    I also like how you played with ideas and repeating syllables. It would be nice if we had unlimited time, but unfortunately we don’t. Keep up the good work, and thanks for liking my blog.

  6. The Running Son

    Beautiful. I am inspired…

    “Just in Time”

    Time is placed
    in a poem,
    then faced with ages
    of meaning to conceive,
    and hold. Birth.
    Give away
    to you, and to me, and generations,
    of limited voice, hearing,
    though eternal in beauty

    and temporal, graced,
    but living without ears.
    Their future passing
    on timelines
    that bleed into existence, become light–
    light back to time, time to life,
    to light, then to lifetimes of writing,
    and rhymes
    excited to end,

    in limited baby portions,
    and just in time.

    Jim ♫

    you inspire me. keep it up.

  7. Black Swan

    Well it appears that even though you didn’t understand or think you may have interpreted a writing incorrectly, it doesn’t matter when it’s writings of emotion, thought, dream… Similar to song. It can be personalized, recreated, give birth to, inspire and create, so the writing has benefited you with inspiration! great! Your words are hauntingly beautiful prose and the picture stunning. Thanks for sharing, look forward to traveling the data stream of discovery, awareness and oblivion with you. Cheers,

  8. heysugarsugar

    Sometimes I have to read a poem a few times to get the meaning….as you know I only started to try poetry a week ago ….I always have a muse but I dont know if many get my words and I dont get many likes so guess I should keep the day job lol 😉 saying that I enjoy the creativity…so does it matter if people dont understand? I dont know.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I’m the same way, I’ve only been at poetry for a little over a month. Likes don’t determine the quality of your writing. Some hidden gems are hard to find is all 🙂
      I love poetry, even when I don’t quite get what the message was suppose to be. I almost prefer it 🙂

  9. Gitanjali

    How very true….at times when I read the works of others, it makes me feel as I would listening to a beautiful piece of music in a foreign language- delighted, touched, puzzled and wanting to get to know what lies in the depths of the lyrics.

  10. Trev

    Haha, I feel like what you said about other people’s poems about my own writing sometimes. I finish something and re-read it and go ‘whhhat am I talking about…”

    Great poem though, very lyrical 🙂

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Hi Trev.
      Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.
      I definitely stop at times and do the same thing, especially if I am writing for a while.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and comment. Please continue to.

  11. Eli

    Great poem!!!!! . My Prof. Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler has a paper on the two realms of time the linear time and the infinite time and how there needs to be a dialogue between the two..

  12. Eli

    Here is a clip of her reading her paper-

    Let me know what of it.
    I really love your poem its very philosophical.

  13. Sahm King

    Even if you don’t understand it, what’s important is what you feel. IMO, anyway… Great, great piece you’ve written here, Jennifer! Now, I’m going to go back and attempt to see. Well done.

  14. ambitiouspoet

    You provide such vivid imagery with fine descriptions beyond any worldly comprehension, that it has left me staggering. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poetry and I especially loved how everything came together in the end, making an extravagant piece. You have truly inspired me! Thank you!

  15. brian miller

    i think it is cool the number of interpretations that people can have of a poem…are any right or wrong…i dunno…its cool though to see…this feels rather weightless, everything stretching out from the narrator…i really like the coming together though in the mural…that part is really cool to me…smiles.

  16. Linda Rogers (@MinnetonkaTwin)

    I appreciate yo letting us in on what your poem was saying. It’s amazing how poetry is interpreted by readers. It may say one thing to one person and mean something else to another. That’s the beauty of poets and artist’s. The write is healing no matter what. Great stuff!

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