CONTRARY. The backwards poem and poetry exercise.


The paint color that was chosen was unmixed

The plaster is powdery

Returned to it’s original state

The putty, un puttied

Back into the bucket

The screws unscrewing the drywall from the walls

The perfectly measured wood

Un cut thrown back onto the truck

The smiles are wiped away

Purchases un made

The architect erases all of his sketches

The dream house is forgotten

The marriage never happened

He never asked

They never kissed

She never agreed to go out on the date

They never met

Who are you?

What can you come up with?



  1. fragmentsofretrospect

    Rising bodies, window washers
    Sailing upwards, towards heaven
    Disappearing flames
    A sucked-out plane
    Riding the Manhattan skyline

    A gun put away
    A passenger sitting down
    No more nervousness
    A final check-in

    A regurgitated last meal
    Throwing off cleansing water
    A casual look at instructions
    A devastating decision halted

    No hateful speech
    Empty blackboards
    An evil inkling
    A peaceful sun rising in the east

    Or how many lives could be saved
    if history moved backwards

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  3. sarahcolliver

    The poem was not shared
    A comment was not given
    The smile never reached your lips
    You didn’t read it
    It was not written
    I did not think it

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