Victory Stance. A poem about addiction.



It’s like a grappling hook

Pulling into,


Digging into rock

A false sense of safety

Trust and faith in a rope

A hook that can fail

And leave you spiraling



Down to the ground

You grab hold of the rope



Lifting the entire weight of yourself

Facing, scaling the rock

Hands burning

Even through the gloves

The rope hot

Feet clawing

Legs pushing


Fighting to lift you up

Sweat beads on your brow


Stings your eyes

Takes you by surprise

You look about

See the sunrise

Above the rock top

You keep pushing


Pulling yourself

Helping yourself

Stay strong

Use your might



Get to the top

The last lift is the hardest

Muscles burning

Acid building inside you

Wanting to tire you

You lift one knee up

Then two

You stand victoriously

From up above

Looking down upon

What looked to be


The rock face

Did not replace you

Defeat you

You are stronger

Consumed no longer

Victory stance

Full of power

A mighty tower

“You are so much stronger than you can imagine or any of us can even begin to understand! STAND!”

Jennifer Writingsofamrs

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    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I linked to your post. Added it to the bottom of my post as a related article. Thank you for sharing.

      It’s just such a big part of our society. It seems that people are addicted to all kinds of things, shopping, drugs, drinking, coffee. I just wanted to draw some attention to the issue. Get people thinking, feeling. 😀

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      You took a stand!
      You should stand with a victory pose today, just as a reminder of all that you’ve conquered! DO IT JOHN! 😉
      P.S. Are you settled yet? Have landed at the final destination or are you still on the road (I mean with the move, not

  1. Kathryn Leonard

    This was so incredible! Truth, beauty, angst, suffering, victory all wrapped up in this amazing poem. totally depicts the tenacity, the perseverance, the determination to push through and dig deep. The ridge of hope and victory is there and the safety ropes of support are there if we will admit, ask, and respond! well done!

  2. Dan

    Interesting poem, such a victory is so hard to win though, tasting that triumph will always be tempered by temptation. Unfortunately it proved to much for my Mother and her partner of 8 years. Addiction is strong, people need to be stronger. Also, thanks for the like on my poem!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      It is no easy feat at all. Like climbing a mountain or a rock wall it takes great determination and will power to success. I’m sorry to hear about your family. Thank you for opening up and sharing your story.

  3. Ray

    Wonderful, as always. Addiction can be a brutal thing to overcome, but victory is w/in everyone’s reach. Some just have to struggle more to get there.

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