Even though I don’t always show it,

I hope you know it

That I love you

I don’t know how

And I don’t why

I’ve come to be this way

Creating distance and space

Time gone by that I can’t erase

Maybe it was the push and pull of youth

The time it took for self-discovery and truth

One hundred miles feels like a moment to me

Yet it’s a month or two or three

Time passes the entire year through

Seasons change

But my love for you will always remain



  1. Lynne Chesters Nielsen

    Beautiful poem, Jenn! It’s true, time does pass far too quickly, people go in different directions, we think that we have time, suddenly we run out of time… Love remains true… “Say what you need to say”, right?

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I actually wrote this on Mothers Day when I was thinking about my family. My Mother and brother and his family all live in Toronto (5 hours away from me) and I don’t seem to ever see them as often as I should or would like to.

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