St. Raphaels.



 The fire burned

What is left is a shell

All that remains  

is the massive bell

It’s over grown

But well maintained

in honor of the families

to not place blame.

The flowing fields,

full of farmers grain,

The headstones lay

a reminder of the pain.

It’s here we walked,

lingered and talked.

A strange place you may say,

But not that day

I could not stay.

I had to go where I was being led

He wanted to scream

but showed support instead

through the journey we bled

I’m sorry that I didn’t know

Upon death flowers could not grow

St.Raphael’s is a beautiful ruin in St.Raphael’s, Ontario Canada.  Not far from where I live

for more information check out


                   Photo props: Dave Hook

 So I have a cat named Midnight.
Her favorite thing to do is chew up every cord she sees.
Today she severed my MacBook charging cord.
So I’m posting this now before my laptop dies.
Thanks for reading and all of your support.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Ruth

    I should probably comment on the first poem – but it was the second that caught my attention. I had a cat named Pumpkin. He chewed through extension cords regularly. He survived every live cord severing and died from a urinary tract problem, much to everyone’s shock. You might be able to coat your cords in anti-scratch spray to prevent further cord deaths, since it’s just really nasty tasting stuff cats won’t want to lick off their paws.

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