Lover’s Embrace, Bangladesh


Lover’s embrace

A lover’s grace

Into a life time of

A moment


Lover’s grace

Lover’s embrace


In your arms I fell

Into love with you


Into your arms I fell

Before the final fall

Of it all

Our lover’s embrace


In the dust and the rubble

Our love will show hope

The mighty strength

Of a lover’s embrace


A lifetime of two

Left a trace

Of a lovers embrace


An image in time

Forever etched in our mind


The collapse

Of a non collapsible love

Rising spirits up above

The rubble

The last gift of grace

Of a lovers embrace


For more on the Bangladesh Collapse

So tragic.



      • SJohn

        Poetry often expresses our deepest of our emotions, most basic of all, joy or sadness. Thanks a lot for giving so much thought to these people who died for no fault of theirs. They died true, but they died in each others arms. I think that would be more a blessing than one of them being half alive. Pardoxes abound.

  1. mashamiah

    Beautiful! Since the incdence we’ve seen this photo so many times in newspapers and the whole nation cried. Now, your poetry made me cry again. Thank you for such a nice work.Thank you for thinking about Bangladesh.

  2. Ray

    So sad…. but what a LOVING gesture of the man trying to protect his love… Wow. A picture is worth more than a thousand words here.

  3. Floyd Gary Thacker

    lovers’ embrace beyond
    a moment
    beyond ions
    as life energy intertwines
    forever together
    transcending time

  4. Jocellyn

    Looking through all those photos made me instantly emotionally. How horrible it must be to walk about dead bodies searching for a familiar face hoping you won’t find it, but at the same time wanting to know where someone is.

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