Confessions of a Coffee Snob

I’m a coffee snob. Read about my snobbery here! (I wrote this post, it’s on my Mommy blog)

Writings of a Mrs Mommy

Ok be forewarned I will sound like a complete snob here but we all have our flaws right?

So the other morning we were out of coffee.  *Gasp* As I’m sure you can imagine, the Mr. and I drink coffee to help us peel open our eyes and function in the morning.  I walk almost blindly, with my hands waving in front of me to not bang into or trip on anything (especially children that would be bad) to the espresso machine and robotically perform the same exact function every morning.

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  1. cripleh

    I have a burr grinder, I have a coffee filter but it often feels a bit much when you just want to make one cup. I do carry some instant when I just want to make a small one.

  2. Carpenter's Quill

    I miss my love affair with my coffee every morning. Nothing fancy, just Folgers Breakfast Blend and some hazlenut creamer. One cup turned into 4. Without it I had migraines and turned into a mean troll! However, when my husband quit smoking cold turkey, I told him I’d give up my addiction to Mr. Coffee. 😦 I do have cheat days though…ssshhhh. Loved this post! I want a B52!

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