Stuff it Tuesday! ‘Storetry’ Number 2 a bloggers challenge for poets, writers and photographers!! Join me!

So this week there were not as many submissions but it still turned out nicely.

I put the link to each persons submission below their piece so that you can check out their blog.  Please show support and give their blog a look to see if it’s something that interests you.  If you would like to read last weeks ‘Storetry’ you can find it here.

I’ve had many people say they will participate next week in the STUFF IT TUESDAY challenge, so let’s see if these people are people of their word or not! *gasp, did she just say that? Yes I think she did!*

I will post this weeks opening paragraph and closing poem under the Stuff it Tab on my main page tomorrow.  So watch for it if it interests you.

Let’s get to it!


He ran across the road full speed, without taking notice of the cars swerving to avoid him, honking and yelling as he ran off.  I can’t imagine what was running through his mind as he fled so fast but it must have been urgent.

the One he hadn’t seen in five years 

eons of yearning and return-to-senders

the Daisy of his Gatsbifications

heart pounding, pulse beating inner drums

this moment wouldn’t, couldn’t, pass him by

here’s hoping once there, he won’t come up shy

 I don’t have her blog address, will add it when I hear back from her!

   He ran across the road heart full, eyes set toward the distance. There was no care taken for his safety, only a task, a destination, a goal that was too pressing to be ignored. I was helpless as I watched him dodge one close call after another. With each near miss my heart would too came to screeching halt at the precipice of breaking only to be snatched back before hurtling forward once again. We were together, an explorer and his reluctant companion, setting course for destinations unknown.

 Because he was a stranger, it probably shouldn’t have worried me. Only it did. The wild look and urgency upon his face tugged at my conscience. Whatever the situation was it must have been serious enough, for he darted directly into oncoming traffic without fear of a deadly outcome. It was obvious that his mind focused on something that blinded him from his surroundings. I wish I knew the cause of his rash act; a move that endangered him, as well as the drivers that quickly swerved to avoid a collision.

Swerving, curving

Passengers cursing,

Pulsing, repulsing behaviors

Honking drivers

Unknown saviors

 Perhaps it was a ticket; a lottery winner, or a letter announcing a job offer with details, like date, phone number and address. With his mouth hanging open in ecstatic joy, a fickle wind ripped his hopes from his hands and now he must give chase. Watching his dismay from the sidelines, I could only intuit the degree of his danger and disbelief. Then with a honk and angry shout from a distressed driver, he stepped to the opposite curb. In relief I wondered what dream could be of such value that someone would risk everything in its pursuit.

 The phone call he had received had set of alarms. He was running to his future and his wife.   Lana, his wife, had called and told him she was in labor and could he come quickly.   He had to run to his car and get moving.  He had not planned on doing this today.

 Time is a precious gift

Time best spent wisely

Be sure you have all of the supplies

Or it could lead to your untimely demise.




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