I don’t know, maybe it’s because the Leafs lost last night but I needed to blow off some steam. Check out my rant here!

Writings of a Mrs Mommy

*Begin rant*

Where will the lives of our children be in 3 generations to come?

Way back when children used to be married off as soon as they came of age.  As soon as girls menstruated they were considered old enough to take on the day to day duties of women.  These duties included cleaning and taking care of a home and a husband.

So many before us fought to abolish this.  To let children be children for a longer time, we deemed them not capable or ready to embark on such responsibilities.

Their bodies and minds not yet fully developed enough to take on these roles and responsibilities.

Now look at us.  We are reverting back to the old ways in different ways.

Children walk around with cell phones that cost more than my basic Wall mart purchased BlackBerry.  Our young people are ‘sexting’ and 6 year olds are…

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  1. jjspina

    Jenn, you definitely have a reason to rant and rave. The Leafs should have won that game hands down! I am a Bruins’ fan and thought after that fourth goal by the Leafs that the Bruins’ season was over then a miracle happened four times! You should be very proud of your team. They played their hearts out and they were the faster and better team. Rant and rave it may help a little. I felt like you do now when the Patriots lost the game in a past Superbowl after having a 16-0 perfect season. I still haven’t gotten over it!
    Best wishes. There is always next year.

  2. lisajohnsonsawyer

    …add rant…”and pull up those %*#^ pants!” ….says me to the 10-12 yr olds who think its so cool…I could add more. Oh…may I please add one more. At recent, PROM. Where girls at the youthful ages show more skin than dress OR shoes. This should be an automatic show them the door out. End rant.

    Perfect. Thank you. Awesome.

  3. OrganisedClutter

    Could not agree with you more – kids are becoming adults from a young age and the whole system of age restrictions has gone down the train. I recently went to a rave where there was a 7 year old, holding a glow stick enjoying the rave while his mother was busy getting drunk on the side – shock of my life. What have we come to!? And where are we going!??

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