So first things first… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

I was spoiled with gifts and flowers (roses and flowers made out of construction paper) Cards and cookies, store bought and home made.  The family planned a Mothers day game of croquet but….

I am doing not a thing for the day….except..


This is a photo from Jan. 2012 Yes, I was blonde.  Noah and I watching the game 4th goal

I am about to sit down and watch the movie Cloud Atlas and then watch the hockey game *GO LEAFS GO* Yes, I’m Canadian and yes I will have a beer in my hand while I cheer!  But I will be drinking a Corona.


I will also be having breakfast for dinner, my favorite! (home made waffles with fruit and whip cream on top…mmmmm) made lovingly by the Mr.

For my ‘real’ mother’s day post visit my new Writings of a Mrs Mommy blog at

It is an important story.  It matters to me.  It will pull at your heart strings but it has an important message.  Check it out (pretty please..) It’s a challenge splitting myself between 2 blogs but the Mommy blog needs some loving so I posted there today.


ImageI need all submissions by 4pm eastern time on Monday (that’s tomorrow)  So far I only have 4 submissions.  I need more to make it work! I put this together for all of you so please participate.

Encase you missed the ‘storetry’ opening paragraph and closing poetry here we go.  But just so you know I have created a STUFF IT TAB PAGE where you can find each weeks opening paragraph and poem.  Submit entries to

He ran across the road full speed, without taking notice of the cars swerving to avoid him, honking and yelling as he ran off.  I can’t imagine what was running through his mind as he fled so fast but it must have been urgent.

 *Insert your creativity here*

Time is a precious gift

Time best spent wisely

Be sure you have all of the supplies

Or it could lead to your un timely demise.


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There will be no Collaboration this week.  The person that I I had booked to work with this week has not been keeping in contact so I will not have enough time to pull something together quickly with another collaborator. *sigh* but it will be back on Thursday May 23rd.

I have the Thursdays booked until October now.  Please continue to submit your ideas if you do not mind the wait.

Happy Sunday to you all



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