PAY DAY THURSDAY: Introducing Jim The Running Son


So this week I have collaborated with Jim, The Running Son in my first ever attempt at a ‘poetry’ battle, poem collaboration!

Don’t forget to vote at the end!

Let’s find out a little more about Jim.  The drum roll please…..


1. So what is your name and where are you from?

Call me Jim. Or “TheRunningSon”. I’m from the California desert, Joshua Tree to be precise. It’s beautiful and right next to the Joshua Tree National Park.

2.  Why did you start blogging?

I forget. It’s been a long 4 months. The more interesting question is, why do I continue? To participate in poetry events and meet people, like I am now with you. 😉


3. What is your blog primarily focused on?

Whew. Ummmm it’s a… OK. Its a blog on Spirituality, but now it’s a poetry/art/Jim’s spiritual musings kind of thing. Subject to wild change at a given notice. Oh Yeah.

4. If you could have a super power or a spirit animal what would it be and why?

EASY! Power would be to get one wish granted. It’s a power right? With that one wish I’d ask for seven billion more wishes and I’d give each of you one. Then my spirit animal, a cheetah, would deliver them to you all as fast as anything God made. That’s my superpower.

Sure, that’s a power, like any other

5. If we’re sitting here in a year from now discussing your success what did you achieve?

In all seriousness, I can’t even answer that. I had Ideas, but I’m just now scrapping them for new crazy ones. Hehe. Next question.

*dodging already I see?*

6. What do you believe happens to us after we die?

Oh jeez. Two stumpers in a row. I have a million opinions about what shoud happen to us NOW in this life and how to do it right. Or better. I leave heaven and multiple lives and that question to people who have been there. And they ain’t talking to me. (you dodged that question, Jim…)

*and…..dodging again*

7. What things do you not like to do?

Fight. Not fight when I should. Not love and not participate in life.

Oh, and I dont like to eat vegetables. Except Asparagus and Artichokes. Mmmmmm.

8.  What are your best qualities?

omg. I’m trying to man up and answer that like I’m not some ego-inflated balloon-head.
I want to love. Another. People. My parents and friends, a woman. God or mother earth or whatever.

Another good quality is knowing when not to get heavy. So I’ll balloon up, keep it light and say, “I’m just a chill guy!”.

*you sound like an ego-inflated balloon-head* 😀

9. If there was one this that you want people to know about you, what is that one thing?

My heart is a different size from yours. Really. Remove them and compare the organs side by side on the table. No two will be exactly the same.

But they all pump blood exactly alike. So, wasssup! I’m a blood-pumper, just like you!

10. If your life were a motion picture what would the title be and why?

“Dances with hell-hounds: journey of a guerrilla-spiritual and newly teething, neolithic pleading indigo-child-water-mystic taking a mind-bath.”

And I dunno why. Rolls off  the tongue easy I guess.

What? I can call my movie whateeeeeever I want. What, no more questions, my Canadian Poet-Goddess?

*and…..more flattery*

Nope, that’s all for now Jim!  Thank you for putting up with *dodging* my questions.

So now onto the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

I loved this.  It was so fun.

We emailed back and forth, verse to verse, not changing or editing what was written.  10 verses each in the versus, let’s begin.




 You know, I think I finally saw the light, like a glow.
I saw my soul reflected bright in the window
of your eyes, a glint of surprise watching me fight

to loosen this rope, throat closed and cable-tight..



 Cable tight will bind you
blind you from seeing the truth
a reflection you sought to see
reflected in my eyes,
like a mirror through me



 Bind me? It’s a binder,

a soul finder, full

of color reminders

and holographs of times

that weren’t mine, but mine and hers



binders bound tightly

rightly justified, colorful reminders,

a holograph of when I found you

bound by a love that wasn’t mine,

yours and hers



Then I release you. Just if I

find lines like yours,

so peaceful, I may color them in,

lovely, bound forays into Canadian

elegance from California intelligence

The word-painter is in!



Canadian elegance and intelligence

California dreaming, make believing

I can’t paint but I can use a brush

Paint circles around you

A lyrical rush



Lush this!, in fact… LUSH you!

yellow? this bus ain’t made for two.

I’ll throw you under it, you be like

“Heeeeyyyy, I’ll clap you thunderous–

You be like “oooooooooooooooooH”…

I’m having fun with us, I be like “hahahaha”



All ohhh and hahaha but here’s something for you…

I’ve never heard of a bus not made for two

Or three or four, or more

Reminds me of thing one, thing two and

thing three,

Children’s nursery Rhyme time I see

Under the bus now, you, not me



Heres the worlds smallest violin playing.

Hope Canadian-girl gets what I’m saying.

Cuz your bus just busted in two,

and I saw you pop through complaining

so drop the popsickle, dont be jaded,

before I grab a chair and do some Lion-taming




 Ameri-can? I’d say more like Ameri-can’t

Trying so hard I hear you pant, you must be the lion

A carousel of un-sensed tongue tying

Your smallest of violins, crying

So about that rope tightly tying…



Umm, yeah the rope. Around my neck?

Heck, some dope put it there,

it’s not mine, I swear. Americans

don’t care, but you funny Canadiauuuuuns

talk weird… and are all rope-smugglers..

Except for you, my tongue-tying governess…



No, not rope smugglers or dope smugglers
We are nature huggers,
people lovers,
with open arms and open hearts.
Maybe, just maybe I’ll forgive your ‘smart assy’ art.


 Nature. I love her. and people… word!

And smarty-pants artist? The Earth

is full of us. You’re one, so hurt

me with rhyme, go ahead! hurdling

words, yours against mine, turning

water-words into poet-wine,

in metered time, and without all this whining!



 Oh Hurdling and track!
my favorite sport 
I was just training
while you were complaining,
Leaping over mouth ryhming smack
Maybe at the end you’ll get a plaque
for trying,
To beat my metered line
in metered time,
Would you like some wine at the finish line?



Ooooo you, you’re bush-leaguing me now. Ouch.

Is SiCmystiC afraid? 10 lines? Oh Please child.

I could do this all day. Make SiCmytiC

my permanent poem-y name, and polish plaques

with it, and with you Canadian-girl, acting

like you have a chance of winning, sparring

with word-smith-y swords made of rubber and

bouncy rhyming. You’ll never beat SicMystiC

with that cartoon-y Canadian timing. There,

said my name three times. Now, for words?

you better start mining.



Now listen here Mr, not to the Mrs.
Mining?  It’s like rhyming
I have perfect timing.
Rubbery bouncy rhyme
Another favorite game of mine
I play games like the best of gamers,
like hall of famers
I’ll find gold, I’ll polish it bright
You can’t out shine my dullest of light
But keep trying you just might…



I feel like I’ve been hurdled. Like Red-Rover.
Like the Ca-nadian poet-Goddess took over.

Damn. I’m tracked over. Tredded. No Gold-medal

Hall-a-famer or even his trainer will help me get-it.

But wait. CA-lifornia boy got an idea…a date

with destiny, and you ain’t heard the best of me.

I am predestined and blessed by god, tested

and 21-point inspected and selectively ready

to syntax you, CA-nadian or not!



Syntax or constituents..

You might want to flip through it..

Are we not all predestined to be?

You and him and her and me?

Even thing one, two and three?

We all have a fate you see…



Fate is having a Canadian Poet Goddess

punking me, publicly, with baby-tales, and word-nails.

slapping me into dazed looks like she’s My pre-destiny!

My life-book with no poetic name for me.

I’m hooked. I’m hammered. You hammer me

with your craaazy rhymes and syntax.

I’m screwed. Thru. Axed…please spare me…



I think the sun has gotten to your head

It’s time to put the Son to bed.

I think it’s time for you to rest

You can sleep knowing you gave it your best

But as you take off your hat to hook it on the nail

Take it off to you,

Your life book is a best seller,

Already burning a trail

In your hot California desert.



Thank you all for taking the time to get to know Jim, The Running Son. And thank you for taking the time to read our poetry battle, poem collaboration!  Don’t forget to vote!

And a big thank you to Jim.  This was a lot of fun Jim, thank you for participating.

Show Jim some love and support:Please check out his blog

Now for the voting.  Please decide who wins this battle.  I will reveal the result on next weeks Pay Day!

For more information about PAY DAY THURSDAYS and the original Pay Day post click HERE



  1. jadabroussard55

    Wow…you were both really great it was hard to choose, but I did. Jen I love the way you write, always have and always will. Now I have someone knew you explore.

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Awww thanks. That’s sweet to say! I’m glad you enjoy my writing 😀
      Yes, Jim is fantastic. I love his poetry and his mind….I have a hard time keeping up with him! You should check out his art too!

  2. sarahcolliver

    WOW again…that was awesome, loved the banter, it was amazing…thanks you two…loved the flirting too – hard to miss!! 🙂

  3. The Running Son

    Not flirting. More like hurting!
    A rough-up. I got boxed.
    Tossed-out, and lost
    in a roxy boss-lady
    skirting of Cali-based
    Canadian-hating, a taste
    of my medicine-trading
    with nations that have
    Goddesses poetically aiming.
    Now I’m burning.

    I was in her cross-hairs. What can I say. 😉

    Jennifer you did an awesome job with it, and thanks. Most fun I have had since I began Blogging. There I said it.


  4. The Running Son

    And by the way,

    Mrs’s that write….
    Dont flirt. Jen’s a bliss-
    loving kiss-writing
    skirt-fight. I admit, I hurt.
    But what I like
    Is her motherly
    tightly sighted, and rightly
    devotional protection of life,
    and her kids
    husband and poetic knife-light….Whoof….
    Word-play is like life,
    Rhyming, a playground
    where adults get to lay down, for once, and forget their strife.


  5. busymindthinking

    This was way too much fun! Awesome job guys…and there’s nothing wrong with flirting, lol. The previous comments made me smile, so I had to say something, can’t let an opportunity like that pass me by. LOL

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  7. kdavisfanclub

    Magnificent, so much fun! Some terriffic poetry from the pair of you, can I sit on the fence and call a tie? The picture of the lady looking frightened with the boxing gloves made me laugh, mid duel. This was a wonderfully worded, witty and well-balanced battle (I hope we see some more) and proof that the pen truly is mightier than the sword. How do you reblog (and is that okay?) I saw this on Sahm King’s page and recognised the pair of you… and would love to reblog this myself if its acceptable with you (I just don’t know how as I am quite new to blogging and crap with computers!). Well done, both, loved it!
    Kieran (Baldy) 🙂

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      You sure can re blog.
      The re blog button should be up at the top near the left where it says the Title of my Blog. There are Follow, Like and Re blog tabs.
      Thank you and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun.

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