ImageImage props: Angela Stewart

The poem begins now.

So I call this poem nonsensical.  I wanted to challenge myself.  I always try to search for and pass on meaning, depth, an underlying message in my poetry and I thought this might be a great exercise to help me write outside of my box.  To help me learn to write words that have no correlation, that are nonsensical.  But see this is impossible because all things are related and all words are correlated.  Whether we have the eyes to see it or the soul to feel it.   You can never walk away from it.

While this exercise stretched my word association and the way I think about words I realized that I quite like my box.

So I either failed this exercise miserably or it led me further, deeper in my journey to self-discovery.


The glimmering dull echo of touch

The stimulating stillness of communication

Sensational, lifeless, sprouting glitter

Scorpion’s stings tickle

Tasteless taste buds bursting roots

Boots weathered pristine.

The Poem ends now.

ImageImage props:  Anne Claire S.

Do you look for meaning in all things?  Or are you free and happy to just take things at face value?  What are your thoughts?



  1. hughiegibson

    Love it! To me writing, especially poetry, is fun when we can make things that typically have no correlation, have correlation. A glimmering dull echo, typically would mean nothing but put into poetry and it sounds like your looking for hope in a barely remembered way you used to feel. Its amazing and much more powerful than stating the obvious.

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      I was surprised at how hard it was for me. I was thinking, it didn’t flow as it usually does but then again maybe I was searching for the right no-sense words! I find being connected to my inner self some times stops me from going to directions that I can’t get to…
      There’s some more nonsense for you 😉

  2. Scott Matthews

    I find the problem with ‘word salad’ poetry is in creating depth. This is a personal problem I’m sure, but I think some kind of fluid progression works better for the reader. A two word image has to be very strong to come across and that’s usually best done in contrasting. Well, just a thought, but I like the poem.

  3. HazelKrause

    “Do you look for meaning in all things? ” Not that I look for it I guess, more like it seeks me out and finds me, I see meaning in almost all things, though not always to my happiness…was that nonsensicle?

      • HazelKrause

        It gets exhausting I can tell you that for sure. It’s a kick into overdrive every waking minute. My son said thats what the “H” in his ADHD feels like at times, overwhelming compulsive scrutiny. Paranoia makes this illness worse as one constantly second guesses theirs and others actions….jus’ sayin I might understand a little bit of what you’re talking about. 😉

  4. 5thshadeofmist

    Your basis behind writing the poem in the first place is a great one, and a fantastic exercise. This is especially so with your use of enjambement and alliteration, but leads again back to the query of if there are deeper meanings or just a core and nothing but. Sometimes, a story is just a story, and sometimes it’s more. Whatever we want to see.
    (great poem, either way!).

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Beautiful terminology here 😉 I love words! Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      You are so right. It reminds me of a great debate that I had with a literary student reader in one email conversation. He said good poetry has a definite destination to bring the reader, while that can be ‘great’ poetry, it can also be left open for interpretation and can bring the reader where they need to go or even want to go… see 3 Things Poetry is Not for more….
      But then again what do I know, I don’t even know what a poem is. 😉

      • 5thshadeofmist

        Better to not know than to think we know. Like the Arabian Nights figure of the beggar dressed up as the king while drunk by the monarch’s servants, only to have the original king die. What is a poem and what isn’t? Is the beggar or the king ruler?

  5. jjspina

    Hi Jennifer, Nice Poem. I don’t think about things too much and write from my heart. If something really touches me I find myself waxing poetic. Never know when that will happen. I am following you now and like your blog.
    Best Wishes,

  6. far but not away

    From now and that poem, I know I have to take classes in english again 😉
    To answer your questions, I’m not looking for a meaning in everything that happens to me and accept the things the way they come. But -there is a but- some of those things turn into a meaning after a couple of years. I feel like completing a puzzle, assembling the pieces of a patchwork (it could not have fit better!). Then I know how great life is.

    So please contnue your journey in self-discovery 🙂

  7. K.W.Villa

    Interesting material dear poet. The “nonsensical” vibe gave the poem a body that it needs, yet not soul. It bleeds, thus makes this incomplete.

    Not sure whether it was the effect you desire to achieve. Nonetheless, interesting to read.


  8. Steven Watts

    I love the “tasteless taste buds”- If you can’t use taste buds to taste are they really still taste buds?
    Reminds me of Jacques Derrida: can something be and not be at the same time?

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