Butterfly Box



The Butterfly Box


There once was a little girl,

With rosy cheeks and hair all a curl.

She loved to dance and she loved to play

In her very own innocent way

Until one day

She didn’t want to dance

And she didn’t want to play

She had all these feelings

that would not go away

She tried to smile

And she tried to sing

But every time she tried

it didn’t change a thing

Her heart was heavy

and her emotions were high

But the poor little girl 

she didn’t know why

Along came her mother

who said Oh me Oh my

And handed her a box

etched with a butterfly

She said when I was a girl and didn’t know what to do

I would write little notes and nobody knew

I put them in here

In this little box

And I sealed it shut

and I gave three knocks

When I opened the box

The notes were still there

But this is the message

that I want to share

I was a girl

Who loved to dance and play

Until one day the feelings

did not go away

So my sweet little dear

This box I have here

I kept it for you

to deposit your fears

And in a week or a month

or even a year

You will open the box

to see there was nothing to fear.

Children’s mental health is becoming a more prominent issue.  The pressures of childhood can be overwhelming for children.  School, hormones, family issues all can weigh heavily on a child.  Please pay attention to your child’s eating habits, energy levels and general over all health.  A change in some of these signs along with others can be an indication for concern.  If you are concerned that your child or a child that you know might be struggling with a mental health issue please find help.  This is a very helpful and informative Canadian resource http://www.cmha.ca/mental-health/your-mental-health/children/

Please take the time to listen, hear and be present in your children’s lives or in the lives of the children around you.  Their greatest support should come from home and those that matter the most to them.





    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Hi Lynne,
      Thank you. I actually just came up with the poem. I was inspired to write it to bring awareness. I have had many conversations like this with my girls and will now implement the box with my youngest daughter. I’m glad it moved you to share.
      All the best to you and yours and thank you for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me.

  1. jadabroussard55

    Absolutely beautiful…I love the idea especially being the mother of a tween daughter who is dealing with all those surging emotions. I think I am going to implement your idea and see how it works.

  2. kdavisfanclub

    This was a lovely read, thank you (I read it thrice). Thank you for visiting my blog also, I am new to this and not very competent with computers so hope I have left a comment appropriately. Very best wishes and kind regards. Kieran (Baldy) 🙂

  3. christilong

    Hi 🙂 first I wanted to say, thank you for liking some of my post recently. Secondly, this poem is absolutely beautiful. I really like it. I’m not a mother yet, no where close but for a while now, I’ve worked with children. Whether it be in church settings, babysitting or at a camp and I tend to observe them. I’ve learned so much from their tender hearts and just how drastic their understanding and feelings can be. I’m not sure where I’m trying to get with this… but your poem reminds me of a child’s book called “The Heart and the Bottle” by Oliver Jeffers.

  4. Pingback: I Am Bipolar | Billie A. Zahir aka "The Eye"
      • billieazahir

        My pleasure. I will be reblogging some others that I have writen and have some others in the works for this month. My mental-health issues are not who I am…but they are part of who I am and need to be treated as such and not hidden away in shame.


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