Weekly Writing Collaboration Challenge with the Mrs. For writers, poets and photographers…come on I know you have the ‘write’ stuff!


So I have come up with a weekly collaboration idea!  I challenge you as writers and poets to “stuff” my opening and closing paragraphs with a written paragraph of no more than 5 sentences or a poetry verse of 6 lines that would fit as the “stuffing” of the story.

But don’t do this…


….take your time and think about it so you have a lead in and a lead out of your paragraph or verse so that I can link it all together.  I will also link each contribution to your blog so we can all showcase what we have to offer and take a peek at the submissions we love.


Keep it true to your style and flare but remember nothing over a PG rating please.  

I will also add 4 photographs into the ‘storetry’ (my new word for part story, part poetry, aren’t I clever?)  So please submit your photos to the relevant issue of the week and I will choose the ones that are best suited to the final ‘storetry’.

I will publish the results on Tuesdays by 2:00pm (my time)  Please submit entries to writingsofamrs@outlook.com with Write Stuff and what kind of submission it is ex. Write Stuff Photo, Write Stuff Poem, Write Stuff Paragraph in the subject box.  Don’t forget to include your blog address or I won’t be able to link your submission back to you!

If there are too many submissions I will make multiple ‘storetrys’.

This weeks opening is:

I have so many fond memories of days at the beach, packing up the car and spending days in the sun.  I love being surrounded by the sand, water and the warm wind.  But let me tell you I have many a story about my times at the beach!

And the closing:

So you see why the beach is such a wonderful place,

Filled with memories that I would never replace.

Moments in time where the sun beams dance

Times of my life,

When I took a chance.


Photo Image props:






    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      I was hoping it would be challenging.
      I also hope you don’t look like the cartoon guy I posted…;)
      Best of luck to you and thank you so much for participating I’m sure your entry will be great!
      Oh and welcome 😀
      I love my community and when they comment!

      • startingwriter

        😀 the cartoon guy was actually pretty accurate…instead of paper it was a vicious cycle of highlighted text, delete, start again.

  1. Minty

    Ooooh I so want to stuff! I’m going to roll it around it my head for a while………………..

    (where are you, I’m in London UK, trying to figure the timing out)

  2. R. Lynn

    I love your blog and I am excited to participate in this collaboration. Now I need to reboot my brain from my hectic day to see what I can come up with:)

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Great! I’m glad you are participating and thank you for your kind words. Welcome to my little space in the blogging world.
      No rush for the piece, by Sunday is preferable for me but any time is fine.
      Continued success.

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Thanks Geraldine. I really appreciate your support.
      As for the collaboration, come on give it ago, it’s sand, sun and beach, can’t be THAT hard 😉
      Either way happy Saturday to you.

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