Needs vs. Wants


Photo props:

Money, power, lust and greed,

Some of the 7 deadly sins, indeed

We all know these evils to heed

But so impossible to be freed

Money, I need more,

Sure take it all honey,

Take my wallet spend my money,

While the sticky tiles peel off the floor

Power, I need more

Sure I’ll stay later

Meet with the investigator

Then I’ll lock all the doors

Lust, I need more

Sure, I’ll get a whore

We’ll do it in my car

It’s ok my wife’s a bore

Greed, I need more

Sure, I’ll share a penny with the guy singing the blues

Then I’ll go in the boutique

And buy 10 more pairs of shoes!

None of these are needs,

for needs have seeds,

that produce growth

A spiritual wealth

We ‘need’ so much

That we have lost touch

With the ability to define,

the proper definition

between two words.

We’ve turned need into




And Greed.



  1. neocup

    Lovely poem, and well said. Speaks directly to the unquenchable thirst and hunger that is rampant in a society that is jealously coveting the evils of the world! Nice job!

  2. The Running Son

    !!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sh*t.

    The muse has hit.
    (there’s no way I’ll quit
    this challenge but my god
    you became overnight a poet,
    making a verbal circus,
    a certified Canadian wordsmith.
    This battle ain’t over
    it could go….
    to the exquisite,
    word-worthy writingsofamrs.)

    Jennifer that was beautiful.

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Thank you kind sir. 😉
      This was a little bolder than I usually go but I thought it helped get some of my points across. I hope not too many people found it offensive..

      As for your above flattery…..errrrr….poetry….. that verse right there…I’m going to share, so people are aware of your poetic flare!
      Do I dare…?

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Well it’s interesting that you say that. I’m not really sure either but I “want to move the reader, stir the reader”. The one thing I have found with poetry is that it has this ability to move you, make you feel things, evoke emotion in ways that videos, talks, books etc can’t seem too….if I can pull you, move you while bringing light to an issue or a cause then maybe just maybe you will look at the issue differently. Move people into action.
      Thank you for letting me know that my poetry does this for you. It’s the entire reason that I write. Awareness, emotion and enlightenment.
      You made my day. Thank you for inspiring me!

  3. t h i n g s + f l e s h

    dear Jennifer, you cast a brilliant light on a universal theme. this is frank, candid verse, beautifully turned. tony

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Hi Tony.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I was a little concerned about posting this …I didn’t want to offend people but really it’s kind of meant to offend all people and hopefully that might make us become aware of ourselves and our actions.

  4. anglophiletoad

    It is interesting how often we confuse things we need and things we just want, and how often we speak of “investing” in things that have no real value. Perhaps we’re trying to convince ourselves of something…

  5. Oloriel

    I really liked the way this poem addresses, the slightly sarcastic yet none the less true and harsh sting that your words gave me, depicting an image I recognise on more and more faces.

  6. Valerie

    Very sad but true. Our society definitely needs to know what the difference is between needs and wants. AND we need to toss the credit cards!

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