The ‘little things’ that matter in life, a bit of humor for Monday

So we decided to go to Cooper Marsh on Sunday with our younger children. It is one of my favourite places to go with the littles.  I have pushed many a stroller through the muddy walkway and pulled many a wagon.  We’ve fetched shoes thrown over the edge of the boardwalk, pulled out rubber boots stuck in mud and carried a tired toddler to my exhaustion many a time.  But not this Sunday, we decided to bring Maya (our black lab) with us for the walk.  It must have been winter brain that made me forget but you are not allowed to bring dogs there, not even if they are on a leash.


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So we hopped into the car and decided to go to our favourite local beach.  While driving I noticed a frog, a really big frog, at the side of the road.  I mentioned it to the family and my husband insisted that we turn around and go see it (I think he thought I was bluffing when I used my hands to describe how big it was but he assures me that is not the case)  So we turn around and find Mr. Frog.  By this time he is in the middle of the road.  Alex jumps out of the car and goes running into the middle of the rural highway and starts flagging his hands at the cars  and trucks protecting little (well, huge) Mr. Frog.  I couldn’t help but laugh, it reminded me of that old video game Frogger where you had to help the frog cross the road to safety.


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The cars slowed down and Alex used his foot on the back end of the frog with a little nudge to make him jump, all the while the kids are standing at the side of the road watching.  Mr. Frog made it into the swamp, the cars drove by with smiling faces and the kids watched Mr. Frog hop away and Super Dad saved the day.

There was this other time our cat Tuxy brought us home a ‘present’.  I went and let Tux in because I heard him at the door.  I went to sit back down with Alex and we heard a strange noise, so we both looked over at Tuxy and he had a BAT!!!! in his mouth.  And it was FLAPPING!!!!  So Alex got up picked up Tuxy and Tuxy had the bat in his mouth.  It reminds me of that old kids nursery rhyme song about the mother taking the cat and the cat taking the rat and the rat got the cheese…remember that?  Anyway, back to the story.  So Alex has the cat and the bat in his hands, opens the door and puts them both back outside. I wish this story had a happy, saved kind of ending but I really don’t think it does.  I didn’t stick around to see.

In our area of Ontario we have many turtles.  Between May and September you can see the turtles attempting to cross the roads.  Alex has used children’s story books and shovels or whatever we have in the vehicle at the time to help save turtles by helping them to get off the road.  Watching him is always so humorous.  His heart is in the right place but he gets kind of jumpy while he’s doing it.


For more information check out Peterborough Field Naturalists

My favourite ‘Alex rescuing animals moment’ was when we had a mouse in our upstairs bathroom.  I think it was one of the times that I laughed the hardest.  Alex had the empty paper garbage can from the office and the dustpan from the broom set and he was trying to catch the mouse.  The good old scoop and cover method.  I of course was standing outside and peaking in through the little crack that I left open in the door. Well, let me tell you, mice are fast and jump. So he would corner the mouse, get ready to cover it and it would jump. I think Alex might have even jumped up onto the toilet during one attempt.  Alex was jumping and squealing along with the mouse (you know the movie Home Alone? When the bad guy falls down the stairs and then he finds a tarantula on his face? That scream? That’s how he sounded. If you haven’t seen the movie, I urge you too but for now have a listen it’s 15 seconds long)

Yup that’s how he sounded.  But he did it. He caught the mouse and set it free. And everybody cheered.  I laugh and tease him about it all the time.  But Alex has a big heart for the little things in life and the lessons that he is teaching our children through his kind actions are priceless, although, I could have done without my daughter learning to squeal like that on que.

 I am grateful to have the permission of writingsofamr to post about his shenanigans!

For more information on Cooper Marsh Ontario, Canada visit Raisin River Conservation Authority

Happy Monday!



  1. donofalltrades

    Lol. I do the same thing when the road isn’t too treacherous! I love seeing other people trying to help out even the smallest of God’s critters. They have good hearts and it sort of restores my faith in humanity when I notice it.

  2. Andy

    Well done to Super Dad!
    It must be a sensitive man thing, I do the same. Although the wife finds it amusing in the summer when I have the door open and I am waving my arms high and low to try and guide house invading flies towards it. I look like a traffic cop on speed.

  3. dcardiff

    Well done to Super Dad. We do what we can, when we can, but nature takes its own course. Survivall of the fittest is very obvious when it concerns wild animals.

    I also live in Ontario, we have a cottage on Birch Island, Sand Lake. Especially on the rural roads I’ve had many encounters with rescuing animals. I’ve helped turtles cross the road, I released a deer that was snagged in a length of rope used to mark a property line. I’ve helped an injured porcupine from the center of the road to the ditch. I would have liked to have done more, but how does one handle a porcupine? I didn’t even have a shovel.

    Thanks for your post

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Like I responded in the above comment well done to all of the Super Dad’s, Mom’s, Men, Women out there that take the time to do the best that they can to help out nature’s littlest ones! (or in your case pokey ones!)

  4. Carrie Rubin

    Sometimes it stinks being the one with the testosterone. And I know that’s a stereotypical assumption, but at least in my home, a mouse will NOT be dealt with by me (and there better not be any either). Then again, I see to all the electronic equipment, so it only seems a fair trade-off…

    I love that tarantula scene in Home Alone. Best male scream ever!

  5. dustandsoul

    Aw, Frogger! Haha. Lovely post, Mrs 🙂

    Cats, eh? I love them so, but they’re terrible for bringing in the creepers. Never had a bat, but fish, frogs, all manner of rodents — a pregnant mouse once (that was spectacularly grim) — and an enormous pigeon, its wings flapping madly against the glass of the patio doors as it tried to escape the clutches of her sharp-toothed feline jaw.

    Still haunts my dreams sometimes, that.

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