Modern Man *Warning, you may not like this*

Consider your self warned.


Modern Man



Worldly things.


 Man used to fight with swords

Flashy things of a different sort


 Modern man? You have Power?

You are as soft as the sprinkle from my shower,


Oh, you great big tower


Flashy cars and diamond rings

A heart and soul that sings


Gone are the days of the Man of power,

Welcome to the days of the fragrant flower



 This photo was taken during our visit to New York City, New York, USA 2012


 Any thoughts on the poem?



      • tig23

        Yeah, I definitely understand that. It was very easy to see your thought progression here. It’s so great how a simple thought can turn into such a nice piece of work 😉

  1. lauraweldon05

    This might not have been what you were thinking exactly but your writing reminds me of modern day sit coms. It’s sad what the world thinks the role of men is today. The women are the bread winners, care givers, house keepers while the fat man (husband or dad) just sits on his couch, with his buddies and watches football…. while the woman does everything…. pop culture is actually very degrading to the few men who are still men and are invoved at work and with the family.

    • writingsofamrs

      The beautiful thing about poetry is that it can be open for interpretation.
      The world has definitely changed and shifted roles.
      I respect men and their many hats just like I do women.
      I was just pondering about men, their changing roles, mankind as a whole, materialism, on and on we go..
      Thanks for your comment,

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