Weekends, Palahniuk’s thoughts

“The only reason that we ask people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.”

Chuck Palahniuk


I have been reading a lot of Chucks work lately.  He is well known for starting chapters and paragraphs with a punch.  He is quite the read.
Have you read any of his books or short stories?  If so what do you think?

This weekend quote is in honor of him.
Have a great Saturday.



  1. anonymousmisanthrope

    I’ve only read Lullaby, myself. Chuck seems to be one of those geniuses (or near enough) whom many claim to understand but few, if any, do. And that inaccessibility, denied though it may be, adds to his appeal regardless.

    • writingsofamrs

      I think the only person who can truly understand Chuck, is Chuck 😉 That’s what I love about him
      (I’m reading his material as a means to help learn how to engage the reader and to connect and keep the reader engrossed from the get go) I’m writing a novel.

    • writingsofamrs

      I think most of his plots are odd! ( In a good way ) Always exceptional characters and such details in their descriptions. I’d love to interview him or sit down and have a beer and pick at his mind a little.

  2. meganreyd

    you and me both! I’ve been lovin the chuck a lot lately, have you read choke, snuff or pygmy yet? choke and snuff are fabulous and pygmy is pretty good as well. I still have others I need to read, but also that quote is exactly the truth. No matter what people say, just about the whole meaning behind their question is to share their story and not to hear the other persons.

    • writingsofamrs

      Hi Megan,
      I’m reading Haunted. It’s kind of disturbing. I almost stopped after the first chapter or two. He has such a way with words. So unique and dark, unlike anything else I’ve ever read! He is so engaging.
      (I’ve been known to ask after people’s weekends and really wanted to hear about it) But it’s something to think about indeed.

      • meganreyd

        I will have to check that one out next. Oh yeah he is such an amazing writer, he is very captivating and always keeps me wanting more. Plus, he has very interesting topics to write about. haha I believe you ;D

    • writingsofamrs

      No problem.
      Thanks for checking out my blog.
      Palahniuk is not for the faint of heart, be aware. But he sure is a fantastic read.
      He is the author of the book to movie Fight Club.
      Who do you like to read?

  3. bonewoman

    I read Fight Club.
    I fight…Train to, so it was on a whim.
    But, I decided quickly that I would never read his work again.
    I was already teetering, on the Edge of Radical Anarchy.

    Best not to fan an already dangerous Flame! 😉

      • donloco00

        I can’t say I preferred one over the other. He was at different places when he wrote them both, and it showed. I’d say Lullaby was definitely angrier in tone, which is understandable considering the circumstances in which he wrote it. It’s awesome to find other Chuck fans. What do you enjoy of his work?

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