Thank you for all of the love and support. 1,000 views in my first 7 days!


“Love is a feeling put into action through chemistry and emotion. It is intangible and diverse. It is a mystery.”

Jennifer David (me) 2013

My blog has been up for 1 week now.
I have over 1,000 views
I feel nothing but love for you all! Thank you!


  1. adetokunbohr

    How’d you do it? It took me years. ok, months, to get there, phew! Congratulations. You must be some superwoman.

    • writingsofamrs

      😀 I have been enjoying reading other people’s blogs. Too the point of letting household responsibilities (like the darned dishes) lay on the way side. And I have been leaving comments when I feel I have something to say.
      Other than that I have no idea why.
      Thanks for the support and well wishes.

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